Film: 7687

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour + B/W


Amateur home movie. India. Baby boy Martin in cot. Mother cradles baby. Holds to camera. Two children in garden. Girl in yellow bonnet. Boy on wicker seat. Martin's christening.
March 1944, in back garden at Rawalpindi. Baby in high chair. Baby in pen in garden. Baby on rug on lawn. Children with baby. Cars on picnic in country. Children on motorbike.
[Dark b/w] Child indoors.
[B/w] Boy on boat "Durham Castle".
Baby girl's christening in Britain. Three naked children play in back garden with bucket of water. Baby in pram. Girl and Siamese cat. Family at Beachbough? in 1947. Two children and tricycle - one pushes other.
[Colour] 1947, back garden. Child with ball and on tricycle. Close ups of children. Naked child with bonnet on.

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