Film: 7688

Social History | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Coxhill - the Cardew's house when they returned to England.
Large house - sweep over the gardens. Jeep with trailer. Rolls Royce car. Postman gets on bike. Picnic on grass. Wisteria plant. Mother and two naked children on shingle beach. Mother takes picture of cameraman. Boy looks through binoculars. Boy opens thermos flask - girl drinks. Boy eats sandwich.
[Blurred] liner on Solent.
Train goes through Brockenhurst railway station. Children in garden play with paddling pool and water. Girl pours water over brother's head. Beach with dinghy. Mother wears bikini two-piece swimming costume and tows children along in the dinghy.
[Blurred] ships Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth at Southampton, 1949.
Ship with two funnels. Boy hides behind flowers. Children on swings. Naked in the back garden. Railway steam trains in the country.
[Blurred] Heather fire with smoke.
Back garden on good sunny day. Water lilies. Pigs, free-range geese. Farm.
Man lifts latch to garage doors. Man saws wood on trestle. Girl rubs side of pig lying in its sty. Farm. Gorse in close up. Little girl in fancy dress. Little Bo peep type of costume.
Black and pink pig in field. Piglets in sty. Boy with piglets. Man and wheelbarrow.

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