Film: 7689

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. February - September 1951.
Car arrives at house. Two men in open-topped car. Philip Cardew (C. G. Cardew's brother).
[Dark] family gathering, women in fur coats. baby held to camera.
Woman feeds chickens. Railway train in distance. Train on outskirts of town - long shot. Vampire and Meteor airplanes. Women look at sky. Planes on training flight over countryside.
[Blurred] Shelduck birds on a beach.
Wife and two older women, one a smoker. Gorse by the roadside.
Marching display of schoolgirls in gym clothes. Exercises, marching on playing field. Picnic at back of Rolls Royce car. Blue pimpernel plant. Nightjar bird's eggs. Bantam chicken and young. Geese in pond. Woman throws feed to geese.

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