Film: 7690

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. September 1951 - Summer 1952.
Red and white water lilies. Bonfire - burning leaves - good shots. Lots of smoke. Bayfield village. Milveton? Adults in garden. Pigs on grass. Woman picks up piglets and strokes them.
[Dark] Bournemouth Belle railway train going round corner.
Close up of Pekinese puppy rolls on its back. Children's toy (a road track game like Scalextric). Gas pipe flame at Fawley. Pekinese in snow with woman. Jumps for twig. Salisbury, Wiltshire station, train 35016 goes by. Children in snow at home.
Point to point horse racing at Cowdray Park with lots of cars drawn up. Horses and riders run by, jump. Slow motion jumping. Very good shot on a bend.
Bournemouth Belle enters tunnel. May blossom. Brockenhurst Station.
[Dark] Bournemouth Belle.
Sherborne Girl's school do their drill in gym kit of coloured shirts / blouses, grey skirts. Twyford school sports - boys without their shirts on. Discus, running, hand-stands, obstacle race.
Liner at Southampton - Blue Riband ship "United States".
Pond in wood with waterlilies.

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