Film: 7692

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. [Poor] Waller Ash railway tunnel.
Trains at Sherborne, Dorset. Sturminster Newton. Very good weir at watermill.
Airport with airliners taking off and landing (Lanton? / London?).
Seagulls on beach taking off. Sea washes in over beach. Big sandy beach. Making sandcastle. Big converted rubbish bin trolley on beach.
Privet Hawk caterpillars - very good close up. They eat.
Saunton. Coastline. Duck in pond up-ending itself and feeding.
Launch going down Velator Creek. Pekinese dog and tortoise on lawn. Close up of tortoise - woman's fingernail and tortoise.
Picnic on track. Woman feeding dog at triangulation point.
Brimstone and comma butterflies. Coxhill Farm panorama. Pigs and piglets.
Bournemouth Belle railway train on embankment.
Mending the track to the house - loading cart with gravel.
Good shot of snow in garden and on roof. Constructing pond.
Tabby and white cat. Rabbits in chicken wire compound.

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