Film: 7693

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. 1954 -1955.
Silverstone vintage car rally on May 1st 1954. Good line up of cars. Very nice sweep along cars line up. Racing. One car fails to start. Cars turn corner. In the pits. Starting race, each rank at a time.
Pond in field. Wisteria, trailing plant, iris, paved terrace.
School sports and slow motion high jump - jumper knocks the bar off. Sprint race. Crowd applaud. Long jump. Obstacle race. Synchronised jumping up and down and group exercises. Somersaults over gym horse and boy. Dog on lawn chews bone. Slow motion film of dog jumping out of wooden tub. Gull on ground. Good film of car racing on a bright day - vintage cars at Goodwood. Anglo-American vintage rally. Motorbike and side-car. Motorbikes. Railway train approaches camera filmed from bridge. Rolls Royce car crosses heath with trains in the background travelling along.
Girl and stuffed rabbit. Boy pulls silly face.
Moonmoth caterpillars eating.
Delanny Belleville car?
Cat in snow runs about madly.

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