Film: 7694

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie. Felling tree by pond in field. Man up ladder. Close up of use of axe at base of tree. Long shot of tree and man using axe. Two men chop with axes. Ropes tied to tree. Timber. Men cut off smaller branches. Tree fellers.
Lots of Pekinese puppy dogs.
Man on tractor ploughs field. Seagulls follow tractor.
Silverstone vintage meeting of cars (Rolls Royce and Bentley). Car racing. Cars go round bend. Line up at start of race and race itself. Packed stands.
Adults on beach. Wife's mother, and Philip Cardew. mother sits in car - tells camera "NO". Kittens in box.
"Series S" Bentley car. Hut - wife cleans verandah and picks up shrimping nets (long shot).
[Dark] Girls' school and exercises on grass. Girls dance in circles holding hands.
Farnborough Air Display. Family in back of Rolls Royce truck. Big airplanes, light planes doing aerobatics. Helicopter. Formation flying by jets. B.O.A.C. airliner takes off. Plane lands with parachutes. Delta-wing airplane.

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