Film: 7699

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Three short films put together about World War One, a burial ceremony predominantly featuring soldiers, colour images of fields of corn and a short advert for beans from the Ministry of Information.
The Funeral of Baron Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (The Red Baron) flying ace of the Imperial German Air force.
A pan of a rest/training area with three (American) soldiers in the foreground examining guns and several soldiers milling in the background. A very short shot of a solider with some civilians walking up a road with a wreath. A line of soldiers firing their guns into the air. A priest and a large crowd of soldiers behind him all stood in front of an open grave that has a large pile of earth beside it, the group move off. A small group of soldiers, in front of the crowd, lower down a coffin into the ground. A group of soldiers, obscured by a tree carry a coffin. A group of soldiers (Canadian) stand in a line with heads bowed, the also put forward their right arms and move it diagonally across their bodies. A large group of soldiers and a priest watch as a coffin gets lowered into a grave. A very quick shot (2 seconds) of a road with vehicles parked to the side and some men milling around. Two lines of soldiers, facing each other, with rifles over their shoulders, and male civilians and other soldiers in the background.
The group of soldiers carry a coffin past a tree, soldiers march pass the coffin with eyes left and a large group of other soldiers are waiting outside of the graveyard watching the coffin over a hedge. A pan of the graveyard scene, with different soldiers (Canadian and American) heads bowed, and a priest with an open book stood in front of the grave.
Some soldiers remove the wreaths from the coffins and then lower a coffin into the ground. Soldiers around the grave move off.
01.20.03 (Colour section) A field of corn, blowing in the wind on a summers day, a wood in the background. A field that has a gentle slope and some trees in the background. A close up shot of some corn being blow about in the wind. A very close up shot of some corn moving with a poppy in the middle.
A group of men working with saws, in a forest area with two horses, are cutting down a tree and working on a part of a tree that has already fallen down. Two horses, being worked by a man are trying to move large logs.
A group of men working with saws, in a forest area with two horses, are cutting down a tree and working on a part of a tree that has already fallen down, the horses move off and the men starting moving away also. Beans being tipped out of a white bag onto a table and the word beans in top left corner, the bag is removed and the words ‘Beans and a little pork’ are added to the text. The beans start to move into a pile and fall into a saucepan (in an animation style), the camera pans up from the saucepan and back to the text ‘Beans and a little pork’ then the following is added to it ‘are the main food of these Canadian Lumbermen’. A man smells a small pan of beans and smiles. A short animation of a pile of beans being changed into the words ‘Beans are an Energiser’. A speeded up shot of some lumbermen and horse at work, chopping a tree, sawing a trunk and moving some horses, on of the trees falls down.

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