Film: 770

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


A film of the Kent and East Sussex Railway in the early days of preservation. Shot of a white sailed windmill next to a road 1960's.

On a white painted brick wall a sign points to Tenterden Town Station. An abandoned blue locomotive stands next to railway tracks. Shot of the station buildings on the platform. Cars are parked in a town. A large truck passes by with a steam engine on the back. Side on shot of the locomotive. Onlookers watch as the truck turns corners precariously. The truck reverse towards the track. The warning sign can be seen "Trains Cross Here". Volunteers help to run the engine off the truck onto the rails. People stand around as the engine steams along the track and pulls a small train. Shots of the track taken from the moving train. A steam engine passes by the platform. It is locomotive no. 32670. It shunts backwards and forwards. Close up of the British Railways logo on the side. Railway workers walk on overgrown tracks. A wooden goods wagon is run off the back of a truck on rails. A steam engine pulls a rain of goods wagons carrying sleepers and rails. The locomotive is Charwelton. She pulls wagons backwards and forwards. Volunteers unload the sleepers and some large white rocks. A steam train puffs towards camera and away again on the overgrown track. Close up of sign: "Trains Cross Here". People stand on a small platform and await the arrival of a steam engine.

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