Film: 7712

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


The film's narration is entirely in German. The film starts with some very good quality aerial shots of London, with various different sights, including the Houses of Parliament, a modern looking office block, then inside a board room in the building, where a man in a suit places files at each desk of a large oval table. There are some close ups of leather bound books on a shelf. An old boy climbs down a ladder where he has been putting a book on the stop shelf.

There are then things being thrown into a furnace at a foundry. Then back to men in the same boardroom. Back to metal working in the foundry, with metals being pounded by industrial equipment. A train is then seen moving out of a station. Then we are in an open field where a tank swivels its gun toward camera, then it is moving at speed along the heath. It stops and fires its gun at the ground and the shell explodes.

Now we are ship building on a dockside, where we see the hull of a ship being constructed and put together. Then the funnel of the ship is winched from the ground onto the ship by a large crane. We next see the ship on the sea. On board the ship, inside the control room, a man pushes a button and outside on the top of the ship, a rocket fires.

Then we see telephone operators with headsets on, connect callers on a large switchboard, putting the cables into the holes. Then we see into a canteen, where people are sitting eating their lunch. A sign says "Aircraft Limited", then a caption appears saying 'end of part one'

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