Film: 7717

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A man climbs out of a window using rope, lights a cigarette. He waddles along the pavement, picks up a big rock on the pavement and drops it on a man's foot. He drops his cigarette, picks it up, his hat falls off, he then tries to lift the hat up with his foot and falls over. He buys (?) a small statue from a kid and balances it on his head. He then gets held up on the street by two men who rob him, and the statue falls off his head. He picks his coat up with a rope and a hook and then puts it on. A different man arrives at the police station with a wheelbarrow and enters inside with a policeman. The original character enters and takes down the police station sign, then uses a pick axe to break through the wall. A fight breaks out in the police station. The man escapes.

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