Film: 7723

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | B/W + Colour


Adverts, mainly animated drawings.
Top Cat cat food, made out of beef jerky. Family of cats.
Pencil drawings of two men, overweight sitting at a table. Panama Cigarettes. Drawings of little boy who would not eat. Refuses food from all over. Instavite milk shake.
Repeat of Panama cigarettes advert.
Pencil drawings of posh club, Brighton Rugby Club Annual Dinner. Another Panama cigarette advert
repeat of Top Cat cat food. Variety Top Cat.
Repeat of second Panama cigarette advert.
Repeat of the Instavite Milkshake advert.
Take of old garage for Radio Mobile commercial. Man pulls up to pump in flashy red sports car. MG Midget. Men stand over the car and discuss it. Talk about in car radio. Esso Extra.

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