Film: 7724

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Film showing how cotton, wool, silk and flax are made into cloth.

Intertitle: Cotton
Man in white shirt or smock walks through a cotton plantation. Close up on plant with cotton growing. Hand holds section of plant and indicates pod like growths (cotton buds!!!). Hand peels open pod. Women in headscarves pick cotton. Pickers make a huge pile of cotton fibres.

Intertitle: Wool
Longshot of a flock of sheep on a hillside. There are masses of them. Farmers leaning by a wooden gate watch sheep skip, jump and possibly gambol. Close up on ram with curly horns. Many sheep in wooden pens. Two men shear sheep (long sequence). Man at workbench folds the skin and throws it onto a large pile. Large workshop with shorn wool on every bench.

Intertitle: Silk
Close up of silk worms crawling over a leaf. Silkworm eats leaf. Adult silk worms on large leaves in a tank filled with straw. Silkworm making a cocoon (?). Cocoon (or pupa) cut in half and silkworm visible inside.

Intertitle: Flax
Field of spindly looking bushes. Man drives harvesting machine and crop is sorted by the attachment at the back. Bundles of the crop sorted in the factory. Bundles fed into a machine. Diagram of machine demonstrates "crushing rollers" and shows how wheels tease out individual threads. Finally, the bundles of thread are collected by a woman.

Intertitle: Spinning
Different methods of spinning from the most basic to industrial looms.
Woman teases out fibre from cotton-wool like clump. machine "combs" the ragged fibres. Hand held brush does the same. Threads carefully attached to hand held spinner. Woman turns small spinner. Second woman operates a spinning wheel. Industrial size spinning wheels in operation in a factory (quite long sequence - shown from many angles).

Intertitle: Weaving
Industrial loom working - seen from a variety of angles. Woman trims loose fibres with scissors. Diagram of loom shows how cloth is made (warp, weft, heddles, shuttle and reed). Men in overalls examine the finished fabric.

Intertitle: Finished fabric
Piles of cloth, all folded neatly.

Close up shots of all types of fabric with titles stating which is which.

A Couple stroll in a park. women walk in the park. Men in suits.

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