Film: 7727

Geography | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Three kids take a walking tour from a river's source to the sea.

Three young children, they sit at a table as if they are looking at a book together. Their fingers trace the roads on the map that they will have to follow. The three children hike up a very large hill, looks like the highlands. The children climb over the thick grass, eventually they take their coats off. Good views of the valleys between the mountains. They look at the source of the spring. The boy lies on his belly and drinks from the spring. The children start following the spring down the gullies to the valleys below. They cross over a footbridge. They follow the path of the river along the thick grass that grows on the river bank, the river has become a fast moving stream. They cross the moor. A curlew flies low along the grass. The boy stoops and looks at something in the grass. The two girls come to look. Three eggs sit in the grass in a birds nest. A close-up of the speckled eggs sitting in the grass. The boy looks up and points at the bird. It flies through the air. The stream passes over the round rocks on its bed. The river gets bigger and bigger as tributaries and other smaller streams join it. It flows over a rocky creek bed, surrounded by trees. The children walk along a country lane beside a wooden fence, they meet a shepherd with his flock of sheep, he brings them a tiny lamb which he carries in his arms. They take turns each holding the lamb and petting it. The sheepdog runs back and forth herding the sheep. The sheep goes through the gate onto the road and the shepherd gathers the lamb and says goodbye to the children. The tiny stream has become a wide creek now. The children walk out of a field and sit down to rest beside the road.

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