Film: 7730

Personalities | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Theatrical Garden Party . Public meet the stars.
Fete type games and stalls. Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons. Girl dances on stage (Simmons?). Sign for auction and raffles with Margot Graham, John McLaren and John Bentley. Daphne Barker and Billy Milton, pearly king and queen. Ralph Richardson signs autographs. General view of the fair. Girls in swimsuits to camera with charity banner 'Cont Childrens' Corner'. Banner, 'Fishing For Fizz' with names of Gertrude Lawrence, Michael Goff (Michael Gough?), Cyril Raymond, Dandy Nichols, Anne Leon, Bryan Forbes. Hooking bottles of champagne with fishing rods. Griffith Jones signs autographs. Singers on a stage in a marquee. Bill Owen, Harold Berens. Vivien Leigh and Lawrence Olivier signing autographs. Tents and tea.

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