Film: 7731

Food + Drink | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Baker and baking bread, day in a bakers making bread and bread rolls.

Opening scene is very dark with traffic moving and lights from various sources pinpricking the darkness. 0.29s. Man seen entering a Bakery. Clock on wall shows time as 9pm. He sheds his outdoor clothes and commences work immediately by removing a large sack of flour from store of sacks and empties contents into a large mixer cauldron. Salt is then weighed and put into another smaller container, water added and stirred. Yeast is weighed, water added. Cauldren has water added and yeast and salt mixtures are also added to the mix. Cauldren is now switched on and mixing starts. When thoroughly mixed it is removed by baker in large handfuls before being placed on downward shute where it arrives in trough and is covered by baker and left to prove. 12am and the baker checks it has doubled in size before removing it from the trough. At this stage another batch of dough has been started in the large cauldron. It is 12am.
The first batch is removed from trough, cut and weighed before being placed in hopper where it is shaped before being placed in bread pans ready for baking in the steam oven.
Another batch of the dough is kneaded and shaped into rolls by flattening before placing on special round tray that is used as part of a machine that rotates and moulds the dough into rolls. These are left to rise before baking. A large flat paddle is used to carefully transfer them to the oven the paddle is removed immediately and the rolls left to bake on the base of the oven.
Other loaves are shaped from the remaining dough i.e. Bloomer loaves and small Baton loaves.
3.30am The first batch of loaves are now ready for sale.
These processes are carried on throughout the night making the various different loaves and rolls until 7.30am when the tidying up begins and the Bakers delivery van is loaded ready for the daily round.
10m37s Bakery window is shown piled high with the freshly baked bread and rolls.
10m38s Our baker who started work at 9pm is seen leaving with a satisfied glance at the window and a wave for the camera. Another good nights work done!
10.53s First customer enters shop.
11m07s THE END

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