Film: 7736

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Kano City, Northern Nigeria. (Now Nigeria's 3rd largest city and 2nd largest population after Lagos) 1940's

A camel train through dry countryside. The camels carry packs on their backs. The camels walk under the arched gateway into the walled city of Kano. Men in white robes wander around. View of the low mud brick houses that make up most of the city. Street scene. Goats, palm trees and people in white robes. Mud houses with wall decorated with intricate patterns. A man in white stands on a wooden ladder and flicks mud onto the wall of a building. Exterior of a mud building with a pattern in the walls over the doorway. Man rides past on a donkey. Another man herds donkeys carrying packs.
A truck drives past with people in the back. People sit on the ground in the shade of a mud building. Man in white rides a bicycle. Kano market. People sit on the ground and sell their wares. People wander around. A goat wanders past. People carry things on their heads. A man sits and carves a huge melon into slices to sell. A clay mound with a fire in the centre. A man sticks wooden skewers into the mound that has meat threaded on to them. The meat roasts on the skewers around the fire (kebabs). A man at a market stall examines an oil lamp. The stall has lots of boxes and the stall holder sits under the shade of an umbrella. They haggle over the price of the oil lamp. A man and a boy under a canopy. The man wears only a loin cloth. He is hammering something on the ground. The boy uses two cloth bags which he squeezes in turn to fan a small fire on the ground. The man takes some molten metal out of the fire and hammers it on the ground. A woman examines the quality and pattern of a pottery or earthenware bowl. Market stall selling lots of bowls. She taps the bottom of a bowl and examines its pattern. Stall next door is selling painted or decorated leather - it looks like a shield.
Man in white sits on the ground in a mud hut. Ropes hang all around him, ropes of various lengths and some have loops in the end. In the next mud hut a man is selling threads and twine some woven with decorations. In the marketplace, two men examine a large piece of cloth that has stripes down the centre of it. Other men in white stand around and watch. Close up of the fabric showing the weave. Round mud mounds containing fabric dye. People stand or sit on top of the mounds and dye cloth by hand in the dye pits.
Animal hides or skins are dried and stiff. Two men carry a pile of hides between them on their heads. Rows of men walking along with piles of smaller skins on their heads. The larger skins are hung on drying or stretching frames, the smaller ones are thrown in a heap. Men thrash small pieces of hide with sticks. Man shows the camera the animal hides, looks like deer or antelope.
Groundnuts in sacks are stacked into a pyramid shape and into piles. They look a bit like sand bags. Men carry the sacks of groundnuts on their heads and load them onto a goods train. Steam locomotive numbered 602.
A camel train walk along with packs on their backs. A man in white cycles past.
Kano airport. A four propeller aircraft on the runway. A four propeller aircraft lands on a grass airstrip. Man with a microphone in the wooden control tower. Aircraft with the Union Jack painted on its tail lands and white passengers get out.
The 'Native Administration' Building. Children run about in the large space in front of the building. View of the building, it is low mainly one story with a large solid clock tower in the centre. The building has archways all the way around it and people dressed in white stand around in the shade of the archways.
The Emir or leader of Kano with members of the council. Men in white robes and turbans. Man in white robe with stripes, he is the Emir and he lives in the palace. He poses for the camera.
The 'Native Administration Hospital'. A low building with archways all the way around. Two black nurses exit the hospital and walk away. The hospital beds are placed under the archways in the shade, but they are not inside the building. A doctor checks the patients who are outside in beds under the arches. An exercise yard where people are jumping around doing fitness exercises and drills.
Boys sit in a circle on the ground outside a mosque. Their teacher sits on an animal skin on the ground. He is teaching the boys to read to Koran.
A white mosque in the city. Donkeys walk past. The white mosque. People outside the mosque sawing wood for construction. View over the mud brick city of Kano from the top of the white mosque.

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