Film: 7738

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Tattoos in the 1960's
Exterior of tattoo artist shop in brick archway. Heavily tattooed man starts to tattoo customer with motorised / electric pen. Close up of man's face. Interviewer asks tattooist what the motivation for setting up the British Guild of Tattooists was. Tattoo artist responds by saying it was to protect the public against amateur tattooists. Requirements for membership include a clean studio, business like atmosphere. Cut to high ranking naval officer (dermatologist) discussing survey conducted amongst sailors to find out how many men have been tattooed. Shot of forearm of man with Scottish coat of arms tattooed on his forearm. Approximately 50 per cent of the men on the lower decks had tattoos. Man having forearm tattooed. Young man (18) interviewed about his tattoo, small doves on the back of his right hand. Tattoo continues to be done on customer we have already seen at beginning of film. Prominent sign: "No person under 17 tattooed", with sketches of possible tattoos on offer. Member of Parliament (unidentified) discussing the problems of young people getting tattooed. Cover sheet of parliamentary bill 'Tattooing of Miner'. If precise dating is required. List of those bringing in order is given. Shots of customer getting colour added to his eagle tattoo. Naval officer explains peer pressure of young recruits to get tattoos. Young man bears his chest with tattoos on it. Naval officer states his view that it is people with below average intelligence that get tattoos. Of particular blame are families which do not exercise much care or control. Man with tiger tattoo on chest, naked women on both legs and eyes on his buttocks. Tattoos can cause occupational matrimonial and social embarrassment. Young women are asked what their opinion of tattoos is. Prohibitive cost of tattoo removal on taxpayer and National Health Service is brought up by M.P. Bruden. Eagle tattoo is near completion. Young naval recruit / sailor discusses why he had his tattoos done and how much embarrassment it has caused him. Shot of midriff of Scotsman who has 55 tattoos on his body. Dermatologist discusses the problems of tattoo removal. Skin graft. Close up of large eagle tattoo on man's back. Eagle tattoo is finally completed on customer.
The following people are identified in the film:
Surgeon: R.W.B. Scutt, Royal Navy. Martin Maddan, Member of Parliament and Ton Ackers, Secretary, British Guild of Tattoing.

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