Film: 7740

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Bullfighting 1960's
Outside the bullfighting arena we see smartly dressed couples walking toward the very large, grand looking arena. There is a statue of stone, of a bullfighter in traditional short jacket, beret and breeches tucked into boots, together with a cloak in his hands, this statue stands outside the arena. Well dressed spectators pass through the turnstiles, a matronly woman is seen in a feathered hat. There are also some men aged around 40 to 50 years old who are dressed as matadors, they look Hispanic.

Three bulls are seen frolicking with one another in a small dusty pen to the left of the camera, presumably where they are kept before being led into the arena. There follows a panning shot of the entire arena, slowly from left to right. The bullfighters then appear out from a tunnel in the arena, to the right of the where the camera is positioned, they look like a football team coming out of the tunnel for the start of the match, some wear black breeches, some wear white ones, but they all have the distinctive short jacket and black beret. They then walk toward the camera, which has changed position, coming very close to the lens, milling about as they prepare for the entrance of the bull, we see the intricate embroidery design of the jacket of one of the matadors, there are also some teams of white horses in the arena.

A young matador prepares himself behind the crash barriers of the arena, he straightens his hat. We see a matador on horseback, with a lance, looking not unlike a jouster of medieval times, he pokes the bull in front of him with the lance, loading it until it becomes angry, the horse that the man sits on, wears a protective material padding, and the bull charges wildly at the horse, knocking the man from the horse and at that moment another matador steps in with a cloak and draws the bull's attention away from the fallen rider so that he can be rescued. This matador does a very impressive twirl of his cloak, and fools the bull that is trying to gouge him. We then see a matador being handed some feathered spears from a man standing behind the barrier. One of the matadors is chased down by a bull, near the far side of the arena, his spears drop to the ground and the matador falls onto his front, the bull steps onto his back, another matador draws the bull away with his cloak, another man in a plain suit and cigarette in his mouth waves his hands at the bull, and it runs toward him to the left of picture and out of the shot. Three men, two dressed as matadors and one in civvies, immediately rush on from the right of the frame and two of them lift the fallen matador up and carry him by the arms and legs out of the arena, over to where the camera is positioned.

A raging bull with several of the 'bandoleers' spears stuck firmly into its back, knocks a matador down, trampling on him slightly, he is rescued by men who enter from the right of the camera.

The audience in the arena claps as a matador stands in the arena, he leads a bull around in a circle around him, while he stands on the spot, it follows his cloak as he holds it at his shins, he stands majestically, arching his back, the bull has several spears hanging from its shoulders, it charges at the matador and goes through his cloak from right to left, the crowd cheer their approval and applaud, we see some of the crowd in the stand get up and clap, he raises both arms high in the air and accepts their applause for him.

A matador stands unfazed with his cloak covering the bull's eyes, it remains motionless, then charges, but the matador controls it entirely with his cloak, very stylishly the bull stops raging, totters slightly and falls dead onto it's left side, from all the spear wounds in it's back, the crowd claps with approval, it is quite restrained, polite applause.

A man on horseback, short black jacket and light straw boater hat, with black band around it, the horse saunters toward camera, and raises his hat to acknowledge the crowd. An attractive Hispanic woman in a white dress and string of pearls around her neck looks expectantly out of a covered section of the stand. The narrator explains: "the mounted matador must rely entirely on the sure-footedness of his horse". A mounted matador rides in a circle around the track as the bull chases him, he throws a spear into the bull's back. The bull's back legs buckle and it falls onto its front, the mounted matador stands over the expiring animal, and receives his applause by raising his arms high over in the air. Some trendy looking young girls are seen in ay bans, clapping and smiling at what they have just seen, they are in a covered part of the stand. The narrator states that the matador that we are now seeing is a 19 year old, 4'11" matador, he confounds a bull's attempt to gore him, then walks away looking very pleased with himself.

The narrator states: "A matador who forgets is dead" The little matador drops to his knees, to face the bull, turns his back on the animal, then when on his knees he drops his cloak and looks directly into the bull's face. A lady in a very 1960's long frilly dress stands up in the stand to clap, the dress is gingham, and she has a 'beehive' hairstyle. There is a line of young blond haired girls, who cheer and clap as he kills one more bull, the girls are very fashionably dressed in long skirts.

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