Film: 7741

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Arab or Bedouin life in Palestine and Lebanon, Middle East 1940's

View from aircraft, aerial view of desert mountain range between Jordan Valley and the Dead sea. Three aerial views then aerial view of small village. Village life with houses with palm frond roof. Woman carries large jar on her head. Side streets with houses. Boy looks at camera. Women and children collect water. Farmer with horse drinking in the stream. Cows with bedouin tents behind. Men sitting outside tent. Medium shot of men. Camels eat outside tent. One shot inside tent. Boys in hills of Lebanon. Stone house - western looking woman feeds chickens and Farmer digs around crops hoeing. Sheep in Hills.

Alternative description:

"This is the central hill country of Palestine" aerial views of the Jordan valley and mountain regions. Small villages seen from the aircraft.
" An Arab Village"Woman with a pot on her head. Woman and children in the lanes. At The well, women in traditional dress and jewellery lift water into pots and vessels. Man with horse who drinks at small stream. Bedouin tent, many shots of the camp and interior, if slightly dark shots of the inside of the tents..

At the Lebanon border country, orange groves, cattle on the hills, Woman with head scarf but very western dress feeds chickens, man irrigates the fields.

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