Film: 7745

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


'Modern' Paris, France of 1950's.
Jazz soundtrack. Parisian modern architecture. Parisian skyscrapers. Details. A car tunnel at night. Train passing in front of office block at night (lights on). Cranes. Construction of enormous structure. Construction in foreground and Arc de Triomphe in background (new and old juxtaposed). Traffic on Parisian roads. Construction of new roads. Long shot of Eiffel Tower. Pulls back to reveal rubble and the Tower framed in doorway. Skyline full of cranes. Model of proposed development. Pictures of old Paris on a street vendor's stall. Pont Neuf over River Seine. Brief view of Notre Dame at beginning of panning shot. Modern sculpture fountain. Tilt up to office block. Old bar on corner. Interior of modern living spaces (flats). Table lamps seen through blinds. Reading top of escalators. New city.

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