Film: 7750

Adverts | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Television commercials or adverts from Kuwaiti 1980's Hotel with modern facilities including computers. Lots of flashy graphics. Men in a hotel restaurant ordering from the waiter.

Map of Kuwait, map of a town, another hotel or apartment complex, this one around a large square. A man and two children in Kuwaiti dress. They go up a escalator. A man in Kuwaiti dress in an office at a desk. Children play video games in front of a television as the father reads on the couch. A large bank of washing machines and clothes dryers. Two girls play on a swingset. Computer facilities.

Car showroom. Interiors of various cars. A car salesman in Kuwaiti Arab dress. A man paints a car door. Hilariously funny advert for shop selling pots and pans including one big enough to cook a camel. Two men in Kuwaiti dress stand in between rows of shelves stacked with with stainless steel pot and lids. One man is looking rather excited as he uses his arms to show the dimensions of pans. The exterior of the shop with its neon signs. A man stirs the contents of a huge pot over an open fire. A woman with good 1980s punk hair style in a kitchen. A family piles the pots high in their shopping cart. A fake flower display. Stacks and stacks of plates and other stoneware on display. It’s a pots and pans extravaganza!!! Repeat of the same commercial. Garage doors.
Commercial with 7 digit phone numbers are post 1984 as the extra digits were added after that year

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