Film: 7758

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


A Travelogue of New Orleans and the Mississippi river and paddle boats, in Louisiana in the USA 1960's
Aerial view of the bridge across the Mississippi, New Orleans, United States of America. Large boat at quayside. Sign says "No smoking $100 fine" with boat in the background. Modern looking version of paddle steamer. Black ships crew stand talking. Boat leaves quayside. In the bridge house, view through the window of river. View from the deck. Man in hat looks at gang plank. Black man in white uniform sweeps up litter. Two men in deck chairs sit looking at river. View from behind. Large number of passengers sit on deck. Children lean over rail. Chinese children. Views of bridge and smaller river boats. Aerial view of commercial Mississippi shipping and the city. Man on bike. Black man handles the boat's ropes. The boat's ropes are untied.

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