Film: 7760

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Sex Education and contraception in the 1960's

Drawing of a naked woman lying on a bed with her vagina highlighted and what would appear to be a naked man in the background. Zoom in on genital area and then an illustration of the internal organs. Another drawing of the reproductive organs, the various parts are labelled. The "sex act" is briefly mentioned. Uterus and fallopian tubes are highlighted. Close up of one of the ovaries. Illustration of an egg ripening and moving down the fallopian tube. Drawing of penis inside the vagina and sperm being released. Sperm travels up the tubes, close up of sperm meeting an egg in the tube and being fertilised. Sperm enters egg, egg moves down the tube (changing into a blackberry) and plants itself in the uterus walls.

Back to drawing of nude woman's vagina: "How not to get pregnant".
Another close up of an egg leaving the ovary but this time no sperm. Bars superimposed across the diagram to illustrate a woman's menstrual cycle. First five days are coloured pink, gap of 23 days then another five pink bars. Eight days between these points are coloured red - period when a woman can become pregnant. Rhythm method. Eight day red bars shift to illustrate someone with irregular period patterns. Even larger shifts of the bars for the most irregular woman. Bars fade leaving nude again.

Back to diagram of penis in vagina. Line drawn between penis and uterus. Line moves to surround the penis illustrating a condom and its uses. Line moves again but this time around the uterus to illustrate the cap. Cut to male hand placing a condom in front of the camera - two more join it. Female hand holds a cap in front of the camera, squeezes contraceptive jelly in and around it and elegantly rubs it on. Three different sized caps are put on display. Illustration of how the cap fits into the vagina.

An array of other contraceptions are on display - creams, jellies, suppositories etc. Illustration of these contraceptions lining the vaginal walls before the "sex act" occurs. Illuminated drawing of a penis and the sperm being contained. Same type of drawing to show the uterus and eggs being protected from the on-coming sperm. Illuminated line illustrating the contraceptive barrier not working and the sperm passing around and through it.

"New Methods" of contraception are then shown floating in the air - the pill. Diagram of the pill entering an ovary and dissolving into the eggs. Diagram of an egg ripening to reassure the audience that once a woman stops taking the pill she is once again fertile. A calendar is shown to help women learn how to use the pill. Day 1 is circled and a line drawn to day 5 to illustrate a woman's period. Ticks appear to tell a woman when she should start taking the pills. Day 26 is circled and a line drawn through seven days to show next period etc, etc. Back to drawing of naked woman's vagina. Large illuminated dots resembling the pill float towards us.

Hand placing various types of IUD's (coil) in front of the camera. Clay model of the uterus. Hands put an IUD into the model uterus. Drawing of naked woman's vagina - this time standing up. Red squiggle highlights uterus and moves about to illustrate discomfort felt by some women when first using an IUD. Red squiggle disappears as does the pain. Zoom in on vagina, cut to diagram of uterus etc. Diagram of how the IUD works:
1). Egg completely disappears in the uterus.
2). Egg not sticking to uterus walls and exiting the vagina.

Back to drawing of standing vagina. Illuminating IUD's and pills float towards us sending the message that these are the "best methods".

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