Film: 7764

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Problems of heat at work, need for air conditioning 1950's
Man coarse fishing beside a river in the U.S.A. Pine trees. Close up of a salmon. He hooks a salmon. He cooks it outside a small tent, a campfire. Golfing on a course. Man wipes the sweat from himself. He swings and hits the golf ball only a small distance. He is below par. Woman in bikini holds skis then takes off water skiing. Woman wipes the sweat while sitting on a bench. Man at work is suffering from the heat. He is hot and sweaty. Air conditioning is the solution. Office door with sign saying close the door because of the air conditioning. Man next to large machine. He gets drinking water from a fountain. The men have to keep stopping for water. Man looks at thermometer on the wall. Woman sweaty working. Making precision beddings. High worker efficiency because of air conditioning. Biscuits on a conveyor. Woman sits next to chute full of biscuits. Cotton mill. Weaving tartan fabrics on an automatic loom. Controlled environment. Wool mill on bales. Heavy industry smoky polluted view of a town. Belching chimneys. Clean air. Magazine printing. Research and electronics. Women working. Tartan material in folds off machine. Magazines on the press. Cartoon showing hot worker with a flame over him. Cartoon of humidity over a worker. Dust cartoon for a clean working environment. Cartoon of benefits of controlled air.

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