Film: 7768

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Highlights from seven serials released from 1912-1922 plus two extracts from the first chapter of 'The Lightning Raider' in which Pearl White starred. 'The Iron Claw' (extract) Sheldon Lewis as villain, Pearl White as heroine. Man with deformed face and one arm picks up metal bar and opens sluice gates to release water into inhabited area below. Flooded gardens (quite obviously a model). Exterior of house deep in flood water. Black man pushes tub with baby in it out into the flood water. Boy swimming takes control of tub. A large wave crashes in.
'The Shielding Shadow' (1916 extract) with Ralph Kellard. Good looking man in shirt sits and reads book on the bank of a river. In the background, in the river, something can be seen emerging. Tentacles appear and an enormous (floppy) octopus is revealed. Medium close up of man in panic as he is pulled down by octopus. Shot of man being pulled into water and then attempting to grab hold of rocks on shore but to no avail.
'The Fatal Ring' (1917 extract). Pearl White climbing out of window high on a building. She takes hold of telephone cable but it starts to come away from wall. It snaps, she falls but she grabs a washing line from which she is able to climb to safety on a fire escape ladder. She climbs down ladder on to platform and in relief puts her hand to her forehead.
'The Third Eye' (1920 extract) Eileen Perry jumps from high balcony on to top of flexible tree that enables her drop to reach the ground unhurt (cannot really see her doing the jump).
'The Lightning Raider' (1918-19 extract) from Chapter one. 'The Ebony Block' with Pearl White and Ralph Kellard. Exterior of large North American museum. Woman inside museum removes sheet from exhibit revealing a row of figures. She takes careful note of them but looks disappointed. However, she sees something in the distance, smiles and runs towards it. At an exhibit on the wall she looks behind it but again is disappointed. She removes another sheet revealing a unique 'Turquoise Vase' which she is clearly pleased to find. She looks around and removes paper from her handbag. Inter title describes the girl as 'The Lightning Raider', known as the most brilliant thief in the world but in reality only a child of circumstance. She removes the vase and puts it in her bag. Outside two policemen are looking up and pointing at a window. One suggests he climb up drain pipe like she did. The other says they should wait there. They argue. Inside the museum woman is running towards camera. She stops, snaps her fingers and says "Darn! I forgot the cops!" She looks out of the window and sees the cops arguing. She smiles as if an idea has struck her, runs back through museum to Egyptian mummy. She picks it, the police are still arguing, she throws it out of the window. The police run to the point where it fell. She runs to window to exit museum. Police find mummy on ground. Woman slides down drain pipe, police run back, woman runs off pursued by police. Wealthy man in back of car. Car drives past woman and she gets on the running board. She threatens chauffeur with gun and gets into back of car with man. She points gun at man and he raises his hands. The police get into large car and drive off in pursuit. Woman assures man that nothing will happen to him. Shot of his scared face with gun in his chest. Police in pursuit, woman tells chauffeur to drive faster. Police begin to shoot from car. The passengers of the pursued car duck. She asks for his help. The car chase continues. Woman jumps out of moving car. The police pass by. Second extract, Pearl White in headquarters of Wu Fang (played by Warner Oland). Large Chinese man in traditional dress drinking tea. Smiling woman enters and they begin to talk. He stands up and looks very stern. She explains she is there to collect a stolen ebony block. He looks very shifty and is not willing to give it up. He claps his hands and Chinese men run into the room and adopt martial art stances. They are about to grab her when some white criminals charge through door with hand guns. The Chinese surrender. All the men leave and the big Chinese man and white woman are left alone. She crosses to cabinet where the block is supposed to be but she thinks it is a trap. He goes to open another draw and she pulls a gun on him. He points to a shelf. She goes to it. He pulls a lever and a trap door opens at her feet. She grabs the shelf and she lives. He pulls block from sleeve and puts it on table. She picks it up and begins to back out of room. The End.

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