Film: 7769

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Extract of Marcus Lycinius. For complete film see 2707. This extract is better quality than the complete film. Marcus Lycinius is the cruel patrician who loves Livia who scorns his affection. Woman dancing dressed in flowing dress. People surround her, a band plays. Dancer falls into a spectator's arms, they kiss, a fight breaks out, a Roman orgy?? There is much pleading and arm waving. The threatening man leaves, the dancer begins to dance again. Outside a man tied to a column is being whipped, a woman in the background is distraught. Children plead with the woman. The whipped man is released, he thanks the woman. Lycinius is wooing Livia. He wears an ancient Roman outfit and she a long robe. She rejects him with waving arms and he goes to attack her but a large woman intervenes. She is thrown to the floor. There is much pointing and melodramatic acting as the large woman is sent away (she hides behind one of the columns) as Livia attempts to leave. Lycinius continues to woo her. He blows her a kiss. The large woman runs down from her hiding place (she is apparently jealous) and follows Livia. It is quite obvious that Livia is being followed, but not to Livia. Livia joins crazy Christians outside a cave and they all reach out their arms before entering the cave. Then jealous woman looks on, speaks to one of the sect and is told that Livia is a Christian. She does some chest beating and panting and then runs off to tell Lycinius. She looks for him by placing her hand above her eyes but eventually goes into the house where Lycinius is sitting reading. She tells him the news, he puts his hands on his head, throws the woman to the floor, he runs out of the room. Crowd of Romans, a dignitary in a long white toga stand at the top of some steps. Lycinius enters and gives him a note. Livia is denounced as a Christian. The crowd raises its arms. An armed guard appears and marches off with Lycinius. Cut to cave, troop of Roman soldiers with spears. The soldiers hide, the Christians come out of cave, Livia and her colleagues are arrested. Procession of Christians with Livia at its head walking, raising arms, being told to walk on by soldiers (by pointing). Livia thrown into dungeon. She lands on floor, soldiers laugh. She weeps. Lycinous enters, they talk. There is much gesticulation for no apparent reason. He holds her. An angel appears and disappears. He is converted to Christianity. He runs out of dungeon and confesses faith to earlier dignitary. More hand are raised. Lycinius beats his chest. He is taken away by armed guard to the dungeon. The soldiers point up the steps, he points up the step he walks up the steps. Inside the Christians are praying, Lycinius is thrown in with them. They all begin to pray, Lycinius is baptised. Livia and Lycinius are manacled together and led off where a crowd is in uproar. Their outer clothes are removed by soldiers, the crowd continues to move manically. The End. (Presumably they are killed).

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