Film: 7771

Adverts | 1890 | Silent | B/W


'The first advertising films were made by the firm of Kuhn and Webster. 1890's
Edwin S. Porter soon to become the greatest director of the Edison Company, was the Kuhn and Webster projectionist running their pictures on an open top air screen atop the Pepper Building, Herald Square, New York.
From behind a curtain three men appear on screen. The first wears a combination of tuxedo and kilt. The second wears a Scottish kilt and holds a spear and a shield. The third wears a military tunic and sword. All three attempt to dance a version of the Highland Fling. In the background a banner with the words Scotch Whisky emblazoned on it is clearly visible.
Early silent film which utilises stereotypical notions of Scotland to sell a product.

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