Film: 7774

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Ford Anglias on a motor racing track 105 E engine powers these cars 1960's
The cars, with fins, zoom around the race track. Point of view from inside the car. Jeffrey Urin, Graham Hill, Roy Salvedore, Bruce MacLaren. 168 hours of continuous driving around the track.
Interior of the car and driver. Lapping the circuit 4,000 times. Various views of the Ford Anglia. Aerial views, close ups RAC observers. Numbers on the pit board changed. In the pit for a driver change. Fuel consumption measured. Pit stop. Every three hours stopping to refuel. Tyre changes. Using a jack, Gordon Wilkins, Tommy Wisdon, Keith Barryar, they talk about the car. Goodwood Motor car circuit. In the pouring rain, the same average speeds. Driving in the sunset, then at night. Pit stop. Refueling. Graham Hill talks briefly. Another pit stop for the Anglia. A look at the engine. Driver change over. About 34 miles to the gallon. Man with clip file confirms. The Anglia passes advertising bill boards and the grandstand. They drive passed the chequered flag and three cars stop together. Reliability proved. A Ford flag waving in the wind.

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