Film: 7778

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Rodeo in New South Wales, Australia. Men being bucked on horses and bullocks. Broncos in ring 1940's
Championship Fight at Manchester. Bantam weight champion of Europe and Lancaster, Peter Cane boxes with Joe Cornelius of Belgium in Manchester. At round fifteen Cane is declared the winner on points.
Britain to Scrap Five Capital Ships. Aerial views of large ships at sea. HMS Nelson being launched in 1925 and at sea during World War Two. HMS Rodney firing her big guns. Shots of HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Valiant. Ship's gun. Battle Cruiser Renowned, shots of ship in harbour. Sailor with Morse code light. Bikini atoll atomic bomb testing. Duke of York and the King George are new ships that will take the place of older ships. Naval parade on board ship.
Introducing the Zoo's Latest Arrivals. London zoo keeper with lion cubs. Lambs in January in Surrey. Lamb being fed milk by aristocratic farmer with enormous white moustache. Western New South Wales, Australia, Long Beak Idis in trees. Eggs hatching in nests. The Idis in flight.
Australian Valley of Thoroughbreds. Hunter River Valley, New South Wales, Australia, aerial view. Herd of horses running wild. Horse with foal in natural countryside. Thoroughbred foals in stud. Some come from winners of English races. Headstone of Linacre who died in April 1928 and Maltster. Newly born foal trying to stand; foal being fed from bowl. Horses galloping free.
British Built Yachts for Export. Motor yacht cruising in Portsmouth harbour, Hampshire. The boat, the 60ft Viking, has been designed in Britain for the world market. This is a trial run with naval ships in background. Viking being transported on large truck then lifted by crane onto ship for delivery to Florida, North America. Pakistan Army Withdraws from Border Defences. North West territory, shots of mountains and mountain fort. Army trucks on road, armoured car, soldiers from the Punjab regiment, tribesmen sitting by wall waiting to take over fortresss. Aerial view of withdrawal. Casualty on stretcher being taken to light aircraft for transportation to safety. Lieutenant Colonel Montgomery, commander of the garrison, overseeing withdrawal. Lots of mules, air cover, more army trucks, one being overturned.

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