Film: 7786

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Melodrama. Woman messenger intercepted by villains on a mountain road.

Girl walks along a mountain road, two rough-looking men come out of the underbrush to accost her. One grabs her and she struggles but cannot get away, the other man plays lookout and makes sure no one follows them as they drag her off the road. The man holding the girl wrestles with her for the message she holds in her hand, he wrenches it free and reads it, the girl looks terrified. Intertitle 'we've been watching you, we knew you were carrying messages between them.' the girl backs up onto the road and runs when the man points in the direction she came from.
A mother? And son part on a settee under a flight of stairs. Intertitle: ' It is hard to let you go but I am sure it is for the best.' The woman starts crying and the man comforts her. An older man enters the large room, the boy gets up and joins him at the table in the middle of the room. The older man gives him some money and the young man pockets it in his billfold. The old man grabs his son's head and hugs him. The mother weeps and kisses him on both cheeks. A posse of horsemen, all with guns on their backs, wait in the courtyard as the young man's parents say good bye to him once more on the balcony. The old man asks one of the posse, 'hurry back and tell me what happened.' The posse leave and the father clasps his son's hand once more, then the old couple watch them ride away, and the defeated looking father closes the gates to the courtyard. The group rides away along the road. The father climbs to stairs to the balcony and hugs the mother, she falls insensible into his arms and they both walk slowly into the house. The mother sits slowly down in chair.
The posse ride over the dry sagebrush hills. The two ruffians run in to a hut where two others sit talking. The message is shown, apparently written to Rosa. The parents look inconsolable in their house. The posse ride into a town. The town on a cliff by the sea. The boy's hand is shaken by the men along the waterfront, as he gets into a boat to row to a steam ship sitting in the harbour. The men on shore wave their hats wildly. Just visible, the man waves his handkerchief from the boat. The young man climbs on board. The posse turn to leave. They wind their wave along the coast below the walls of the town. Paolo, the young man, gets back into the row boat as he has to 'fulfil his promise to Rosa.' The boat pulls for the shore and Paolo pays the boat man and disembarks. The leader of the posse talks to Paolo's parents, who both look very pleased that he is safe. The mother still looks a little despondent.
Carnival, people dressed up as witches and clowns dance in a line holding hands. The father sits on the balcony smoking as the carnival revellers come into the courtyard. The revellers dressed up, dance merrily. Two of them break with the rest of the group and sneak away. The town square full of carnivallers. The two revellers, one dressed as a lion, talk to one of the bad guys. Paolo dresses up and saddles his horse. The bad guys talk around the table, they read the letter once more, Paolo is going to come and help Rosa escape, the bad guys are upset he is not going to marry her. They put on their costume. The mother and father sit in their house, the mother excuses herself, she stops when she heals the dog howling, portending misfortune. The father comforts her and she goes up to bed.

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