Film: 7787

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


United Nations symbol with doves of peace flying around in animation. "London Centre Checks Influenza". The virus under the microscope. A huge electron microscope with a man operating it. 1918 newspaper warning regarding Spanish Influenza or Spanish Flu just post ww1. Policeman in a mask to avoid congestion. Still of church overflowing. Etchings, superimposed brief funeral. 15 million died. Plague talked about with engravings. Pictures of historic diseases. "Science fights back". Man holds tray of test tubes. A laboratory man in white coat gives flu to furry animals. Man injects fertilised egg. Culture is sealed in tubes for vaccines. Cabling World Health Organisation. Telegraph machines working. Communications to the world warning of coming epidemics. "Opium Smuggling". Opium poppy fields, huge field of poppies being harvested by Eastern European women. Good long shots. Crate with cubes of resin. Processing for morphine and codeine, phials of it being sealed. Filling hypodermic syringe. Then again with super imposed poppies. Nurse mops brow of restless woman in bed. Opium brings 'peace'. Misused by addicts, they have dreams that lead to crime. More shots of poppies and women. Ship in harbour, opium in transit in a sealed locker on a ship. Has to be welded open. Crates of opium off the ship. Crates say, "Turkish product". The drug is guarded all the way to prevent it getting to drug addicts and 'dealers in dope'. Government requires every grain accounted for. Resin being weighted. To the chemical plant, it travels escorted in an armed car. Customs men search suspect ship. Man searches ship with New York harbour in the distance. Man with U.S.A. customs on his back searches. One looks under a pillow in a cabin. In the engine room. Customs men have a difficult task. He finds a packet of drugs in an oil can. Government inspector look for clues of the source, smell, taste, wrapping, testing it in the lab. The U.N. Narcotics Division. Complex series of laboratory tests on opium. Determining morphine levels and colour samples keeping the power of the poppy safe for human welfare. U.N. symbol again.

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