Film: 7789

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Story of the Blue Riband of the Atlantic 1950's

United States Ocean Liner. Passengers on deck. Drawings of paddle steamers including the Lusitania. Mauretania in long shot. Interior shots of Mauretania. Two German Blue Riband ships Bremen and Europa. Italian Blue Riband ship Rex shot approaching New York harbour in 1933. Construction of Queen Mary. Launch of Queen Mary in September 1934 attended by George V. Interior of Queen Mary with famous mural signifying the link of the old world and the new. Aerial view of Queen Mary being coaxed down River Clyde towards the sea. Construction of French ship Normandie. Normandie at sea. This ship won the Blue Riband Trophy in 1935 beating Italian ship Rex. Normandie also won the Blue Riband from the Queen Mary in 1937. Good aerial shot from bow to stern of Queen Mary arriving at New York harbour. Sir Malcolm Campbell (of world land speed record fame) making speech when Normandie regains the Blue Riband from Queen Mary. Normandie and Queen Mary in New York harbour during World War Two. Unique shot of Normandie, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth together. Soon after Normandie caught fire at same wharf. Fire crews battle in vain to save burning ship which subsides into the icy waters of the Hudson. Time lapse motion photography showing rotten hull of Normandie being refloated. Queen Mary in Sydney harbour with troops boarding via gangplank. Launch of United States in 1951. Interior of ornate decorations on ship. Arrival of United States at Southampton on her maiden voyage from New York. Tugboats crammed full of people welcome the arrival of the new ship. Return voyage across the Atlantic with Statue of Liberty clearly in view. United States now proud holder of the coveted Blue Ribbon.

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