Film: 7799

Aviation | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Full account of Apollo 11 and the first man to land on the moon, 20th July 1969

Pad Zeta, Cape Kennedy, Florida. Apollo 11 stands ready - behind it a sunset. Neil Armstrong in space suit. Buzz Aldrin in space suit. Mike Collins in space suit. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk from a van to Apollo 11, along with Mike Collins. The countdown to take-off. Apollo 11. It takes off. The gantry falling away. It took off at 7.32am, July 16, 1969. The Cape Kennedy control room. People watching Apollo 11 with binoculars. Apollo 11 in the sky. People watching the launch. Ex-president Lyndon Johnson. Apollo 11 in the sky. Radar-controlled camera. Apollo 11 in the sky. A separation as Apollo 11 loses a stage. Earth receding as seen from the space craft. The moon, seen from Apollo 11. eagle separating from Columbia, the command ship. Module eagle filmed from Columbia. The moon, approaching the moon. July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong reports to mission control that they have reached the moon. Mission control. Landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon. Aldrin and Armstrong with American flag by the Eagle on the moon. Astronaut walking by the eagle. Footprints on the moon. Aldrin and Armstrong by the eagle. Seismograph and laser target on the moon. The Eagle. Five and a half second shot of the Earth rising above the moon's horizon. Planet earth is half in shadow. The eagle leaves the moon. It goes to rejoin Mike Collins in Columbia. eagle connects with Columbia. Astronauts upon docked ships, shaving. Demonstrating weightlessness. Approaching earth. The recovery ship Hornet. Radar looking for splashdown. A helicopter by the returned spacecraft. The astronauts have changed clothes from spacesuits to isolation gear. They are in a liferaft beside the spacecraft. president Nixon on the Hornet. The helicopter lifts the astronauts to safety. The helicopter approaches the aircraft carrier hornet. Mission control. They watch the helicopter land on the Hornet. An American flag. The helicopter lands on the Hornet. The astronauts get out of the helicopter. They go into quarantine. Nixon goes to visit the astronauts. The astronauts in quarantine.

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