Film: 780

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Ben Turpin. Silent era clips
Turpin as pampered playboy.
Turpin in comedy western.
Plus others including chase.

Barber soaking washcloths in hot water Person sitting in chair with steaming cloths already on. Woman guides man to reach for his drink, however he puts in fingers in it. Barber unravels several cloths from man's head. Ben Turpin exhales steam. Shakes off excess liquid from his fingers. Takes a little and flings it at the woman, startling her. He tells his three servants to leave so he can get ready. They take away the tables. He's wearing a kimono style robe. He walks over to mirror as his butler appears. He claps his hands and a curtain behind him opens to reveal a celloist, violinist, and pianist. - all wearing blindfolds. He claps again and they start playing. The butler takes off his robe, he's wearing pajamas. Starts dancing around the room.

Young couple wearing evening wear getting ready to go out. Man finds photo of Turpin dressed in tux, top hat and cane. He rips up the photo and throws it out the window. Policemen shine a spotlight up and when he closes the shutters, Turpin is revealed to have been hiding there all along. He tries to dodge the light, but the policemen see him. He gets down by climbing down a pole adjacent to the ledge.

Turpin sleeping n chair. Zooms out to show that he's sitting in a chair at the edge of the second floor. Whenever he snores, the chair rocks backwards almost over the edge, until he inhales and the chair returns back to regular position. Outside there's a chase on horseback with shooting happening. Shot of wide open field, someone on horseback is quickly coming. One man who had been hiding, sees him coming and gets excited. He alerts everyone else hiding with him. Turpin rides in shooting the bad guys. A black cat runs into the road and spooks his horse. Turpin gets thrown from his horse and goes down the road in siting position (dragged?), still shooting bad guys. People scatter. When he finally stops, he realizes his gun isn't firing. But when he puts the gun back in the holster, it goes off.

Courtroom. Desk Sargeant at desk. Two policemen bring in a woman and put her in a chair for questioning. A lawyer stands on the other side of the judge's bench. Scene of another man talking to Ben Turpin at a counter. They shake hands and Turpin takes off and storms into the courtroom. He goes up to the Sargeant and gives him money. He is now holding clothing(?) and he and Turpin are arguing. He directs Turpin to sit on the side. Turpin goes to the woman and she points to the chair on the side. Sargeant instructs the two policement to sit Turpin down. Someone on the roof lowers a long rope with noose(?). Sargeant decides Turpin should be arrested(?) All of a sudden, the noose comes in through a window, loops around Turpin's neck and drags him out the window. Turpin struggles while the others try to figure out how to save him. Man on roof tries to pull him out. Everyone rushes to the window and pulls him in. The man Turpin was talking to earlier outside the courtroom, starts angrily talking to the woman. The other men help Turpin and remove the rope. The man talking to the woman starts to grab her, and a group of policemen jump on him. When he comes out of the scuffle, he's in prison clothing complete with ball and chain. They leave with him, leaving Turpin and woman alone. They embrace.

Turpin skipping along with another woman in a field, both holding a long scarf between them. He has flowers in his hair. He picks a flower and give it to her. They kiss. He tries to kiss her again but she skips away. He follows. They skip past a dog lying down and its ears stand straight up. A man is swinging a mallet at the head of an older man standing in front of him. Turpin and the woman skip past them. They wave to each other. The older man moves a bit to reveal that the other man is actually trying to hit a pole into the ground, not his head.

Turpin is running, trying to find an escape route. He's wearing a plaid shirt, possibly coonskin cap. Sees an exit painted(?) on side of a wall, thinking it's real he runs into the wall. A group of men are running toward him so he takes off. Turpin runs up the stairs to escape the mob. He tries to go through a door, but it's actually a set piece which men are trying to move from the other side. Two times Turpin tries to go through the door, it moves a little bit and he runs into the wall. The group of men chasing Turpin now head up the stairs. The set finally moves out of the way, and Turpin gets up and continues running. He falls through an opening in the floor onto a set below that's actively filming. The mob of men run back down the stairs.

On a different set, Turpin is tied up in a basement while water if flooding in. A group of men are filming and directing. Outside a horse drawn fire engine is speeding down the street. An assistant tells the director what is happening outside, and he tells everyone to go up to film it. As the fire engine roars by, the film crew jumps into two cars. Back on the set, the room is filling up with water and Turpin is still tied up. Outside, one of the cars is alongside the fire engine and filming it.

End of film.

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