Film: 7810

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Billy Bevan look alike starts the film by being dressed in a baseball outfit with " BE ES " on the front, he is chuckling away, while a rather pompous looking middle aged man with greying hair and a white beard as well as a monocle and a handkerchief in his top pocket, is looking at [B.B]. Behind these two men are a policeman and another baseball player from the same team. In [B.B's] hand is a device, which consists of a flat piece of what looks like metal, shaped like a lollipop stick with two prongs each end. This is held in the palm of his right hand by a ring attachment, on his middle finger, he shows the audience while laughing. On his other hand is a baseball glove. He peers at the pronged object, grins and rubs his hands together. The pompous looking man turns to the two men behind them, [B.B] also looks at the two men. The baseball player behind the pompous man seems to be grinning. Another heavy set man with dark hair and a side parting, sporting a moustache wears a suit with a bowtie, is situated to the right of [B.B], resembles Oliver Hardy [O.H] , he beckons and a young woman appears from behind [B.B]. She is petite, wears a light coloured 20s style hat and coat which is trimmed with a fur collar. (O.H) look alike directs her to the right of the screen, where both people look at [B.B] swinging his arm in a backwards motion, to the other three men in his presence. The next scene opens up to reveal a baseball pitch with other players sat against the pitch wall. [B.B] pitches the ball towards the catcher and batter and the ball lands behind him. The ball is retrieved and returned to [B.B]. The pompous looking man is cheering and clapping. [B.B] is laughing, then puts both hands on his hips and then slaps his left knee. The scene turns to the [O.H] look alike and the young woman, who as she looks to the right reveals a short dark bobbed hairstyle [D.H] beneath her hat. [O.H] turns towards her and points while the words appear " We can't win against that kind of pitching! ". The young woman turns to face us, while [O.H] is pointing at her. We now see a dance hall, several couples are dancing, while the men are wearing dinner suits, the ladies have posh dresses and some are also sporting paper hats. We are shown a man's dirty shoes, he appears to be stepping on a white sock brace. The picture opens up and we can see that the culprit with dirty shoes is [B.B] and the victim is [O.H]. The two men who both have dancing partners exchange words and return to their dancing. [O.H] sock brace is trailing around the floor behind him as he dances. [O.H] and partner {from previous scene}[D.H] decide to sit down at a table. On the table is a lamp which has a dark coloured pleated shade. Behind them is a man who wears a paper hat and plays a banjo. Another couple can be seen on the adjacent table. The word's come up " Nurse your corns, Blue Jay - I'm going to dance! ". We see the conversing couple again who seem to look like [B.B and a faired woman) [F.H] and as she rises, so does [B.B] from the opposite table. Both the dark haired woman and [B.B] are pointing at their respective partners. As they turn, they face each other, bow and accidentally smack their heads together. Lines shoot out from the scene of the incident to accentuate it. Both touch their heads and [B.B's] partner [F.H] looks the other way in disgust, as [B.B] and the [D.H] proceed to dance. She is wearing a long black dress, a long string of pearls and very long drop earrings. Behind them, can be seen a man playing the piano, the banjo player and an accordionist. The curtains/blinds are ruched (eh?) and appear to made of some kind of brocade material. As both dancing people turn to face us, we can see as they lift their legs that the girl is wearing a pair of heeled shoes with a laced bar across the front of her foot. The [O.H] raises a fist at the dancing couple. The dancing pair move backwards and fall on the floor, [B.B's] former, [F.H] dancing partner gapes at the couple. The couple pick themselves up off the floor and continue to dance. [O.H] stares at them, while [B.B's] former partner [F.H] is obviously not very happy. As the dancing couple disappear out on to the balcony, [O.H] rises out of his chair. Meanwhile [D.H] of the pair on the balcony grabs the scarf of [B.B] and he moves backwards closing the balcony door while [O.H] is stood right in front of it. A view of the couple on the balcony is followed by the words " Stand still while I untangle my scarf! ". The couple embrace while [O.H] is listening through the door. He pushes the door open and looks around the door at what appears to be the couple embracing. He closes the door with an angry look on his face. Meanwhile the couple are talking. As she bends down the words appear, " You've torn the caboose off my train! ". She pushes him over the balcony and he lands on the ground. The balcony is obviously at ground level, because as [B.B] topples over the top of the balcony he only falls a short distance. At the same time [O.H] comes out onto the balcony, while the dark haired woman goes inside. [B.B] picks up a small boulder and throws it. The boulder hits a plank of wood which catapults a large stone that hits [O.H] on the forehead while he is standing on the balcony. [O.H] takes out a gun and shoots at [B.B] twice]. [B.B] runs around the side of the building and starts to climb up an escape ladder as a policeman appears on the scene. The dark haired woman enters a bathroom and turns the mixer tap on, while [B.B] has entered into a room, we see that it is a bedroom. The faired girl is listening at the door, while [B.B] attempts to climb under the bed, but the bed folds up into the wall but [B.B] still continues to crawl along not realising what has happened. He also puts his hat back on his head. We then see a dog appear from a curtained partition. The dog is short haired and bull dog like in appearance and seems to be of a brownish and white patched colour and it is wearing a body harness. The dog gets down on its belly and crawls along with [B.B]. It is then the latter notices the dog, so [B.B] puts his finger to his mouth as if to signal to the dog to be as quiet as possible. [F.H] is now knocking at the door and [D.H] answers the nock. [B.B] signals silence to the dog again, while the two woman are talking. The latter two sit down on a two-seater and continue their conversation. The dog then pinches [B.B's] hat and runs off into the curtained partition. [B.B] crawls behind the two seater in a bid to retrieve his hat and the two women fail to notice him. He crawls towards the curtained partition and soon finds himself in a small dressing room, he sits down and signals to the dog but the dog refuses to let him have the hat and instead runs out to the two women, while [B.B] attempts to retrieve him with an umbrella. The two-seater is now in full view and looks like a chaise-lounge, the dog jumps up on the side of the piece of furniture and lets the dark haired woman have the hat, she turns to [B.B] and signals him to disappear into the dressing room again. She takes the hat from the dog and hides it beneath her. Meanwhile [B.B] is listening to their conversation and pulls a cord which opens the curtains. He realizes that he is in full view and quickly pulls the curtains together again. [F.H] turns to the other and utters " - and you're sure Nick isn't here? ". [D.H] replies with the words " I haven't the slightest idea where he is! ". They carry on talking while the dog who remains sat beside the dark haired woman puts it's paw on top of it's head. As [B.B] creeps towards the door, the pompous looking man and [O.H] are seen talking. [B.B] opens the door and enters the same room, when he turns he sees the pompous looking man and [O.H.] so he quickly retreats back into the other room and closes the door. [B.B] then runs into the bathroom. We then see the two woman and [D.H] gives [F.H] a clear coloured bottle. The two woman are talking and [B.B] is listening at the bathroom door. [D.H] then walks into the bathroom while she is looking back into the main room, she does not notice [B.B] who quickly jumps into the bath water and puts the shower hose into his mouth and lies down into the water. [D.H] is in the bathroom by now, she has turned the tap on for more water and removes her shoes and stockings, while [F.H] is still in the other room looking at some books. The dog comes up to [F.H] and we are then shown the title of the book " Three Weeks ". The dog snatches the book from her hand and drops it into a wire waste basket. The [O.H] and the pompous man, who holds a wad of notes and says " I'll bet you a thousand your team loses! ". [O.H] answers " The bets too small to bother with! ". The scene returns to the woman in the bathroom, she leaves the room and [B.B] comes up out of the water. [O.H] now enters the bathroom, so [B.B] quickly sinks back into the water again. [O.H] removes his jacket and waistcoat, meanwhile [B.B] thinks it's safe to emerge out of the water again but sees [O.H] and again quickly sinks beneath the bath water. [O.H] feels about in the water and pulls the rubber hose out of [B.B's] mouth and hangs it up with the shower attachment, adds more water and sits on the edge of the bath. Bubbles can clearly be seen rising to the surface of the bath water. [B.B] comes up for air again, grabs [O.H] who then falls into the water. They end up opposite ends of the bath, while both are clothed. [O.H.] is very angry and as [B.B] clambers out of the bath [O.H] follows him, and tries to push [B.B's] head under the water. The two women rush into the bathroom and [F.H] tries to get [O.H] off [B.B]. The words "Stop- or there'll be no ball game tomorrow" are seen. [O.H] stops and the two women leave the bathroom. [O.H] shakes his fist at [B.B] and we see " Agree to lose tomorrow's game and I'll let you live! ". [B.B] nods his head in agreement. Both men then go into the room where the two women are and [O.H] says as we are shown "Everything's OK. - he's a brother Elk!". and [D.H] nods in agreement. The pompous looking man enters the room and the words "Here I am with $5000 now, will you bet?". The reply reads " Sure, and Nick will hold the stakes! ". The two women and the pompous looking man then leave the room. [OH] then shakes his fist at [B.B]. The scene changes to the stadium and [B.B] is pitching while two men stand just behind the batter while other men are scattered around the field. [B.B] pitches the ball which swings around the group of men near the batting position and the word "Strike!" appears. The batter approaches [B.B] with " What's the big idea? ". [B.B] shows the batter the pronged tool in his right hand and the batter utters " You can lose easier without this! ". The batter then puts the tool inside his trouser belt. Seems to say more to [B.B] and walks back to his previous position. [B.B] throws the ball and the batter runs around the field comes back and nocks [B.B] over. The pompous looking man is in the stadium also, with two other men. [B.B] pitches the ball again, the batsman runs around the field, while the pompous looking man and company panic. The crowd is cheering and the pompous man approaches [B.B] with the words " Get out into the field before I lose my shirt! ". [B.B] leaves the pitching position while the pompous man is shouting at the next batsmen. The ball is thrown but lands on the fence and rolls along the top, [B.B] chases the ball along and it drops down into his hands, he then drops the ball and shakes his arms in frustration. We also see the pompous looking man hold his head in his hands. The dog is sat down beside him and he also holds his head between his paws. The batter hits another ball and begins to run around the field. The dog gets up chases the ball, catches it and takes it to [B.B]. While the dog is looking up at [B.B] a triangular shaped box appears also the words " Go on home! " are shown and [B.B] points the way. The dog races out through an open gate. The ball is again thrown by the pitcher but lands in a barrel, [B.B] removes the ball which is covered in a thick dirty substances. [O.H] who is also in the stadium is shown with square pieces of material attached to his feet and is dressed in [B.B's] opposing team colours, runs towards [B.B]. Meanwhile, the ball seems to be stuck in [B.B's] hand and he does manage to throw it but it lands on [O.H's] head. [B.B] removes the ball but also takes a lot of [O.H's] hair, so [B.B] drops the ball and runs off. The scene switches to the hotel and [D.H] is descending some stairs, while [F.H] is at the reception desk and sees [D.H] drop a piece of paper, so [F.H] retrieves it. We are then shown the words on the paper which reads " TILLIE MOOK, GRAND RAPIDS KY, BET ON US, HUBBY HAD MADE INNOCENT BOOB PITCHER AFRAID TO WIN. DAISY BENDER ". [D.F] sees [F.H] with telegraph, she walks towards her and [F.H] runs away. We see [F.H] jump into a car and drive off, while [D.H] jumps onto a cart led by a horse, tries to get it from the driver, who refuses, so [D.H] pushes him off and hurriedly rides away. We then see the dog run out of the hotel chasing the horse and cart. He jumps on to another cart which looks as if it is attached to a car, but the car suddenly drives off leaving the cart behind, so the dog jumps off and races down the road again. The scene returns to the game and we are shown [B.B] jumping on top of the fence in an attempt to catch the ball but he topples backwards off the fence and lands in a sitting position on a plank of wood. [B.B] is then bounced the other side of the fence with the ball in his hand, and the crowd is cheering. The ball is then thrown again and the catcher hands the ball to [B.B] who scratches his head and inspects the bat which has a huge hole in it. Another man taps [B.B] on the arm and the words read " I said you're out-do you want me to write a letter? ". The film then returns to the two women who are racing down the road in their respective vehicles. The dog appears again and jumps on the back of a horse, pulls the mane with his teeth and the pair chase after the two women. As the cart with the [D.H] turns the corner, the cart upturns and the women is thrown. She appears to be unhurt but has to remove a tyre from herself. After a return to the game [B.B] is batting and [.O.H] is pitching, he throws the ball and we read " Strike T-W-O! ". The pompous man and colleagues are throwing their hands in the air. The [F.H] crashes through a wooden fence, jumps out of the car and runs with the telegraph to the pompous man. The pompous man then shows it to [B.B] and the others also see it, we are then shown the words " It's either 'Hail the Conquering Hero', or 'The Angel's Serenade for you! " which is intended for [B.B]. The ball is thrown and [B.B] runs and leaps alternately around the field while the group with the pompous man cheer him on. The batsman sticks out his leg and trips [B.B] up. We then see [B.B] sliding on his belly the rest of the way around the field, when he reaches his intended destination, [B.B] opens his mouth and emits either steam or smoke he then rubs himself down, while spectators cheer with enthusiasm. He finally hugs the light haired girl and the film ends.

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