Film: 7812

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Montmartre Paris France 1960's
Two men talking (one with spectacles) at the foot of the steps that lead up to the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris, Europe. One begins to walk up the steps, the other goes into a building nearby. Initially the man climbing the steps runs but he is later seen struggling. The lift that runs alongside the steps begin to pass him and his friend waves. At the top, the one who is walking is helped by the other to negotiate the last few steps (the Sacre Coeur is now in the background). Various shots of the Sacre Coeur. Artists working at easels around the church. One of the friends is sketched by a street artist who is wearing a beret. Children's roundabout with cars, planes, bicycles and buses at a fun fair. The roundabout operator is smoking a cigarette and standing at the centre of the circling fair ride. The two men driving dodgems cars, a lot of bumping goes on. One of the friends shooting a rifle at a fairground rifle range. French men playing petanque boules. The friends buying candyfloss and a toffee apple from a fairground stall. Children eating candyfloss. The two men in a Parisian street, they buy a baguette from a woman at a Patisserie doorway. They go into a French sweet and pastry shop. When they come out one is eating sweets from a bag and the other demands some. One of the friends points to some hoops hanging up outside a shop. The female shopkeeper tries to get them down for him but they fall on him. He struggles to get free of them until they fall onto the floor (a bit of farce). He then buys one. They run off down the street. Exterior of large building and park in front of it. Women pushing children on swings that are capable of taking two. The friends approach a collection of model yachts in a park (Tuilleries?). A boy pushing a model yacht with a stick in a park pond. One of the friends walks with purpose through the park to a building, he knocks on a door from behind which a male puppet and a female puppet appear. The three shake hands and then the puppeteer appears also. They introduce themselves and do a lot of smiling. Shot from underground (Metro) station: train stopping at station (very dark). Interior of train (also very dark).

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