Film: 7820

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Salmon fishing 1960's
The north west of U.S.A. Path of the salmon. Breeding season Salmon cannot get up stream because of the dam. Leaping salmon. They die in shallow waters. Netting the salmon, killing salmon with a stick and collecting the eggs from the female. Sperm from males mixed with eggs in a bucket. State fisheries, the hatcheries. Development of eggs, then put in pools. Re-introduced into rivers. They are weighed. Hose pipe of salmon into river. Sea boats anchored. Puget Sound, Washington state, salmon fishing boats. A 'sane' ship drops its 18 foot net. Net winched in. Fish dropped into the hold. Unloading by bucket into the cannery. Automatic heading and filleting. Finished by hand. Canning by machine then into the pressure cookers. Cardboard boxes of tins are sealed. Tinned salmon. Tinned food.

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