Film: 7821

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Syria 1930's
Horses and camels pass laden with hay or straw. Fields. Man ploughs field with oxen and primitive plough. Close up of plough. View of Damascus, Syria, Asia, Middle-East from where Mohammed viewed the city. Low white buildings. Ruined buildings with minarets of mosques and other buildings around. Minaret of the Bride. Tomb of Salarin (Salledin) Minaret of Esau, tallest minaret in Syria, it is the one Jesus will appear on, on Judgment Day. The court yard of the Omayyarin, the ex church of St. John the Baptist. The mosque is in ruins. The street called Straight, shops, souk, the market is full of men in tranditional clothes. Women in purdah. Mules carry loads. Sheep. Bargaining. Camels sitting with loads. An open air barber shaves a customer. Face powder and moustache trim. Stone cutters tent. Chiselling fine decorative reliefs in stone. Mother of Pearl craftsman for inlaid wooden panel. He works with a vice and file. An inlaid chair and box. Wood turner uses his feet to operate the lather. Metal inlay with silver wire. Traditional Crafts. Mural looking. Hammering metal trays, bowls, coffee pots. Around mosque. Muzerin, translated by commentary.

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