Film: 7823

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Micrograph shots of blood, red cells, various shots of centrifugation of blood, close shot of test-tube, labelled to show its contents of plasma and corpuscles, various micro shots of red corpuscles. Various tracking long shots of football crowd, simplistic diagram of breathing. Micrograph shot of blood to show both red and white cells, white cells, close shot of cut finger, phagocytosis of invasive organism, various shots of extracting liquid from a potato chopping, grinding etc., medium shot of little girl superimposed on measuring cylinder, pouring water onto powder, micro shot of blood moving through capillaries, diagrams of breathing, pouring blood into test-tube, various shots of cut finger to show healing process.

32ft Blood under microscope
51ft Centrifuge to separate cells
77ft Red blood cells
118ft Diagram of breathing and circulation
184ft White blood cells
215ft Cinemicroscopy of fighting germs
234ft Plasma
286ft Transport of carbon dioxide
307ft Clotting

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