Film: 7828

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Good footage of experimental heart-lung bypass operation on young dog.
Dog on lead is brought through door, intubating trachea of anaesthetized dog. weighing dog using hand-scales, diagram of EEG, ECG, etc., readings, dog lies on table with various catheter attachments. Close shot of various readings on sheet, exposing left carotid artery in the neck. Close shot of incision, beating heart is exposed, vena cavae and aorta are shown, encircling the vessels with tape. diagram of pump oxygenation system, medium shot of scientists operating pump oxygenator, priming with heparinized blood. Close shot of pump mechanism, cannulation of cardiac vessels, connecting cannulae to oxygenator. Another close shot of various readings on sheet. Clamping of aorta, injection of potassium citrate. Close shot of subsequent readings, coronary sinus sucker in action, aspirating the ventricle. Measuring blood PH and oxygen saturation. Shots of various proceedings using small sample of blood, various equipment shots. Blood analyses figures with time on a blackboard. Close shot of removal of aortic clamp, restoration of heartbeat (after coronary perfusion). Subsequent readings on paper. Removal of cannulae, shot of stitched wound with drainage tube. Final readings sheet to show satisfactory condition of dog. Shot of sheepish-looking dog.

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