Film: 7832

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Control Of Body Temperature
Man in fur coat with dog and sledge in snow. Natives in hot environment, straw-covered huts, man carries bananas. Man in hospital bed attached to machine. Close shot of machine, gives printout of temperature. Close up of printout to show temperature fluctuations. Turtle in temperature-control chamber with thermometer attached to its back. Close ups thermometer. Rabbit in same situation. Apparatus shot, a turtle and rabbit heart are irrigated with water side-by-side. Close-ups of hearts beating. Close shot of squirrel eating. Diagram of formula for respiration. Squirrel scampering through branches. Curare being injected into ear of rabbit. Diagram of action of curare on muscle-fibres. Paralyzed rabbit placed, by three scientists, into temperature chamber. Close up of thermometer level falling as chamber is cooled, illustrating how warm-blooded animals rely on muscular contractions to maintain body-temperature. Man lies in bed with electrodes attached to his chest. Close up of line graph in log book. Man cycles on exercise-bike, respirometer (?) tube in his mouth. Two men in vests on a lawn, one sits up, the other reclining. Sweating man mops his face with a handkerchief. Man wearing trunks sits shivering in refrigeration chamber. Man with thermometer-tube in his mouth. Roast meat in dish, two thermometers stuck into it. Close up of blood vessels, dilated and constricted state of vessels. Various shots of men (sailors?) pulling rope. Thermometer suspended over beaker of water. Steelworker with ladle. Dog panting. Diagram of sweat-glands, heat loss. Close shot of pigeon, diagram of cross-section through pigeon's head. Pigeon with destroyed hypothalamus, sequence to demonstrate workings of thermostat. Diagram of heat regulation in man, vasoconstriction, etc. Close shot of man in bed with thermometer in his mouth, woman removes thermometer. Close up of 'fever temperature'. Graph of temperature fluctuation over a day period. Pigeon in cage, hands reach in and pluck it out, pigeon panting. Long shot of man rowing boat, man cross-country skiing. Snow plough.

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