Film: 7840

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Good operation footage, most stages are shown in detail.
1- Inguinal Dissection in 48 year old woman after removal of primary lesion following malignant melanoma. Shot of lesion site, on calf, marking inguinal region, inguinal incision, thin flaps reflected from femoral triangle, fatty mass progressively freed, saphenous vein tied below, mass freed from inguinal ligament, femoral canal cleared, proximal ligation of saphenous vein.
2- 51 year old woman with malignant melanoma, treatment four years ago. Shot of affected foot and calf, shot of abdomen, large node, adherent to scarred skin is marked, area marked for inguinal dissection, incision, same process as in 1.
3- Following on to Iliac Dissection. Abdominal flap is outlined, deepened to fascia, flap mobilized, almost to midline, muscles incised parallel to inguinal ligament, opening up inguinal canal, round ligament and deep epigastric vessels divided, peritoneum displaced upwards, deep retractors inserted, fatty and glandular tissue cleared.
4- Closure. Partial suturing of femoral incision. Discarding of devitalized skin, firm-pressure bandaging after closure.
Healing shown in case 2, in case 1 and in a third case, illustrating 'spur' incision.

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