Film: 7853

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Reconstruction of life under the Roman Empire

A Roman building. Ruined Roman baths. Roman ruins in Rome. Model of what ancient Rome once looked like. Marcus Aurelius. Soldier. Emperors. Diocletian. Romulus Augustulus. Marcus Aurelius. 161 - 180 AD. A statue of Marcus Aurelius. Map showing extent of Roman Empire under Marcus Aurelius. Owner of villa wanders with friend through pillared patio. They are in Roman dress. Slaves working in a field. Street scene in Ancient Rome. Roman soldiers. Students talking and looking at a scroll. There is a clothes stall behind them. They go and examine the goods. Silk brocade from Damascus. Three men with two laden donkeys walk along a Roman road. Soldiers walk past them. A fort. Soldier guarding fort. Statue of Marcus Aurelius. Behind him is an inscription. Statue of Marcus Aurelius. Trouble for Rome 235-285AD. Soldier emperors. Maximinus. Gordianus. Phillipus. Decius. Gallus. Aemilianus. Valeriamus. Claudius Gothicus. Map showing Roman Empire. Emperor walks past some soldiers. They salute him with their swords. He talks to them. Roman soldiers and officers outside. Soldiers at attention talk to each other. One of the officers raises his sword and the soldiers shake their weapons. Armed soldiers running. Burning land. Soldiers plunder a villa. Empty shops in city. Child by dead woman. Citizens share out food. Map of Roman Empire. Persian attack marked on map. Saxons, Franks, Alemanni, Goths marked on map. Their attacks marked on map. Armed barbarians in country. Names of soldier emperors on screen. Statue of Diocletian 285 - 305AD. Diocletian's public baths. Citizens talking in city street. Farmers working on the land. Examining the crops. Soil. Map of Roman Empire. Division of empire shown. Co-emperors. Division of empire into prefectures shown. Man talks to tax official with coins in front of him. Soldier in background. Increased bureaucracy. Higher taxes. Man - tax collector?- talks to stall owner. Soldier on right of screen. They leave. Imperial decree read to crowd, man reads from scroll. No one could change occupation. Trades made hereditary. Tradesman with son. tenant farmers working in field. Tenant farmer working in field. tenant farmer talking to wealthy landowner. becoming his serf. Wealthy landowner reading scroll. Egyptian god's (?) statue. Christians. People listening to Christian preacher. They may be in catacombs. They pray. Roman soldiers relaxing. Roman soldier talks to barbarians. Barbarians joining Roman army. barbarians in Roman army. barbarians and Roman soldiers. Statue of Constantine. Map of Constantine's empire, showing eastern and western empires, Rome and Constantinople. Eastern Empire 324 - 1452AD. Battle of Adrianople 378AD Rome lost battle to Goths. Invasions. Dead Roman soldier. dead Roman soldier. Barbarians. Barbarians at villa pass dead owner. Barbarians with enslaved Romans. Roman road. Map of empire showing barbarian invasions. Saxons, Franks, Burgundians, Huns and Vandals. Rome sacked twice in this period - Goths in 410AD and by Vandals in 455AD. Barbarians plundering Rome. One of them looks at a scroll. Romulus Augustulus 475-476AD. He is on a throne. Barbarians with him. He is deposed barbarian general. He was the last western emperor. Barbarians walk up steps of Roman building. Romans in togas above them The barbarians talk to them.

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