Film: 7857

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Paris France 1930's
Pan shot which ends with the Eiffel Tower in extreme long shot. Rue de la Paix, sign stating name of road. Long shot of road with cars and awnings over shop fronts. Traffic. The Place de l'Opera. The opera house. The traffic. A policeman on horseback in middle of road. The Hotel de Ville or City Hall on the right bank. River Seine from one of the bridges with the Pont Neuf crossing it. Notre Dame. Gargoyles on the Cathedral (shot from pathway high in the Cathedral). The Latin Quarter on the left bank. Paintings pinned to wall as people walk past. Man looking through a book on a street book stall. Man at newspaper stall in street. The female newspaper seller in her stall. People looking at clothes in covered market. Flowers on sale. Close up of flowers. The flower seller with prospective customer. Close up of roses. The Palace of the Luxembourg with the gardens in front of it. People standing around in park pond with model sail boats on its water. The Sorbonne University. The Pantheon. Palace de l'Invalides. Bridges across the Seine. Three men fishing from the left bank of the Seine. The Champs Elysee with the Grand and Petit Palais. Various churches (lots of good car shots). Sacre Coeur seen through the streets of Montmatre. Parisian street cleaner sweeping the gutter. A man boarding a horse drawn wagon / cart. A baker cycling on a trolley full of baguettes. Café, people eating and drinking on the street. People strolling in park. Swans in park pond, people feeding them. The Louvre, exterior. Interior, various famous paintings. The Arc de Triomphe. Tomb of the unknown soldier. Various shots over the Seine as the sun goes down. Place de la Concorde illuminated at night. Cafes, fountains, the obelisk.

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