Film: 7858

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Cooking and restaurants, the work of the French chef in the kitchen in the big hotels, Hilton, Dorchester and Royal Lancaster 1960's
Man kisses his wife goodbye at the doorstep of his house as he goes to work at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, London. He enters office and emerges dressed as a chef complete with chef's hat. He checks and tastes the produce, raw fruit and vegetables on a trolley, for quality. He checks the quality of the meat. Other chefs weigh fish. Tasting the soup, younger chef is satisfied but older one isn't having it, young raises eyes to heaven but complies. Trays of food are garnished. Meeting in the office. Budgeting discussed. Potato peeling, soups chefs prep veg. Lots of brightly coloured dishes. The wine cellar, testing the champagne. Monatge of very busy kitchen with chefs and waiters doing the lunch time service. In the banqueting hall, all the tables are enjoying their meal. Chef eating at home, putting loads of salt on his dinner, loads !! Chef and wife sniff a pot of casserole. Lobster is served to a smaller group of five diners have beef then pineapple dessert.. In the plate store. Chefs at dinner. In the kitchens again, the hotel never really sleeps.

Eating out, fine dining

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