Film: 7862

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Early 1960's aspects of design with the following: Stonehenge, Ancient Greece, Ship, Jet aircraft, Pottery, China set, Furniture and everyday items. Short shots or stills of the following - porcelain dinner service, Regency chairs, sideboard, open and full fridge, vase and glass jug, electric toaster, ceiling lights, bar fire, television set, standard lamp, twin tub washing machine, vacuum cleaner, radio, oven and hob, camera, portable radiator, lights, old and new typewriter. The voice over over the preceding list is "It was once thought very doubtful that the mundane and everyday things used in and around the home could be beautiful also, but this was reckoning without the product of the designer who quickly proved he could design articles that were practical, safe, easy to clean and maintain, and good to look at".
Architecture in Old part of Oxford compared with new buildings. St. Pancras Station, still of both outside and inside of the Crystal Palace. Power station and Pylons. Show how items of human invention follow the same aspects of design through the passing of time. All items detailed are shown in the film.

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