Film: 7864

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


The felting of battens which are later fitted into an open-type crate to protect the surface of glass and keep it in position during transit 1960's
We visit the 'Crating Department' of a glass factory and see how preparations are carried out to protect the large sheets of glass when crated. Original method. Cut lengths of wooden batten are unloaded onto a bench and strips of (old-type of carpet felt) felt are cut to correct length and then nailed onto the batten around it utilising a 'jig' to hold the batten firmly on the bench. New Method. Narrower width of felt strip is used which is fixed to one end of the batten and then wound round the batten for it's entire length and nailed at the other end. The winding is 'staggered' with gaps in between, thus speeding up the job and saving on the materials. Crate shown with glass inside ready for transit. Packaging.

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