Film: 7865

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Stan is told by a vamp and femme fatale "I'll be with you in 10 minutes - Don Jaun" ( Juan ). He replies "Do you mind if I smoke?" and her retort is "I don't mind if you burn". Insulted, Stan retreats outside the house to the roadster only to be approached by a lady scandal-monger who has worn 4" off her hose! (by butting into other people's business). Stan reverses into her car which promptly falls into a heap of junk. At the "Pink Pup" club the owner performs the ritual of smelling the patrons breath (for liquor). Silent era gags later utilised in Laurel and Hardy sound movies, including "Chickens Come Home" etc. Includes an excellent hat / door routine.

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