Film: 7868

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of a road trip with stops at Cologne, Vienna, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, and the ports of Dieppe and Newhaven 1950's The film is divided up into episodes, each introduced by an intertitle. Faced paced editing and lots of motor travel, motorways as well as alpine landscape. Good shots of war damage to buildings in Cologne and Vienna.

Intertitle: On the boat from Dover to Calais on a perfect day

Various shots taken from an upper deck of passengers on board a ferry. Waves smash into the side of the ship as it skips along the water, a man leans on the railings and looks out to sea. A man and a woman point at something.

00:32:00 Intertitle: Views of Cologne

Various shots of light traffic at a crossroad, many of the surrounding buildings show signs of war damage. The spire of Cologne Cathedral, Germany, Europe. Jagged facades of bombed buildings. Several shots of street scenes, derelict spaces and weeds.

Point of view shots from the front and rear windows of a car travelling on German motorways. It overtakes passenger cars, lorries and trucks and passes under several bridges.

Several shots of an impressive building and people outside (the town hall in Vienna?)

01:59:19 Intertitle: Through Semmering Pass to Vienna

Trucks (possibly military) and trams on a main road. A bridge over the Danube. Bombed facades and damaged buildings on a street. Two women stare into the camera, behind them is a tent or marquee and several people in the entrance of the trade fair and exhibition centre in the Prater area of Vienna, Austria, Europe. Various shots of the impressive building and the posters / placards which decorate it. Above the entrance a sign reads 'Wiener Internationale Messe' (Vienna International Exhibition Centre). People walk in the shade of trees, a black car drives past. A group of officials chat by a row of parked cars next to the Volksgarten park. Commuters climb into a tram on Vienna's ring road.

Cars drive along a rural road. A sign post in a provincial town. Pedestrians and traffic on a bridge. A tram makes its way along a main street. Another sign post. Various shots of a woman in a white top and shorts with binoculars next to the black car and then in a field. A cyclist on a country road. A rural street, at the end a small church. A bus or camper van on the road. A hay stack. Water pours out of a sluice and into a little stream. Piles of wood at a factory. The woman skips down a glade and looks back at the camera. Various shots of a country road. The woman waves from a balcony.

03:36:17 Intertitle: High alpine road through Grossglockner Pass.

Various shots of and from the road. Valleys, mountains and rural housing. A bus comes around the bend and halts, several passengers get off. The woman enjoys the alpine scenery through her binoculars. A sign post. Two older women in traditional dress pass by. More shots of the woman and other sightseers. The bus drives off. Several shots of mountain landscape. A mountain hut. Various shots (footage too dark to see what). A waiter covers tables on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant 'Kaiser Franz Josef Haus' on the Grossglockner mountain. The Austrian flag flutters in the wind. Various shots of snow capped mountains and a glacier. High angle views of the hotel terrace (very dark). The tables are set.

05:17:02 Intertitle: Views of the glacier

Several sightseers stand on a viewing platform and look out onto the glacier. A row of parked cars. Various shots of the glacier, mountains and an Austrian flag. The woman waves from a parking lot and poses for the camera. Various landscape shots (very dark). A train passes at a level crossing in the mountains. A sign post.

06:03:21 Intertitle: View of Switzerland, Bernese Oberland.

Various shots of roads and landscape. Several chalets. The woman sits at a table on the terrace of a hotel or café. Shots of cars on road taken from the café.

A busy main street in a provincial town enclosed by huge snow capped mountains. Streets and a turret. The black car. Various street scenes and views of the mountains. A farmer leads cattle harnessed to a carriage down a road. A shepherd and his dog herd goats up a side street. Various shots of alpine cattle on the motorway, getting in the way of, and running after, passing cars. Men and a little boy control the herd.

07:06:10 Intertitle: Return through Switzerland

Two cards drive down a snowy road.

07:11:09 Intertitle: Car being loaded at Dieppe

The black car is winched onto a boat in Dieppe, France, Europe, followed by a palette of crates. The crates descend into the hold. View of a castle on cliffs.

07:20:16 Intertitle: Sea voyage to Newhaven, 19 September 1950

Various shots of the breakwaters / sea walls and cliffs. The sailors and crew at work on deck. Point of views shots of a lighthouse as the boat leaves the port, white cliffs in the background. Another ship at sea. Newhaven harbour approaches. Various shots of the passengers disembarking, crowds on the dock, people climbing into a nearby train. The black car is winched off the boat and onto the dock.

Intertitle: The end.

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